IT Strategy and Implementation at Rao IT Inc

Information Technology Strategy

Information Technology Strategy is a vital aspect of any IT firm, ensuring that technology processes and opportunities are doing their part to move the company ahead while generating healthy and sustainable business results.

We work with clients to formulate a technology-oriented strategy based on best practice while assisting CIOs to formulate and develop IT strategies which will work to maximize the company’s IT value.

IT Strategy Implemetation

Our proprietary approach to IT - Information Technology Strategy is a Six-Step approach, which includes:

  • As–Is State Assessment,
  • To–Be State Projection,
  • Delta Analysis,
  • Solution Identification,
  • Solution Implementation, and
  • Solution Monitoring

From implementing and optimizing high-performance architecture to minimizing IT costs, we have the expertise to ensure that our IT strategy will augment and enhance your business.

With our high-quality Project Management expertise, At Rao IT Inc., we can help you to successfully plan and implement every phase of effective project management, from ascertaining the scope of the project to gathering requirements and ensuring successful, on-budget completion through effective delegation, milestones and reporting practices.

Our team has many years of proven experience in the industry and come fully prepared to assess and manage risk as well as undertaking and assisting with high-profile projects; we’ll ensure completion on time, within budget while garnering stakeholder approval every time.

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