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Vision Statement

Rao IT Inc., will facilitate the augmentation of businesses that are propelled by information technology and managed by capable professionals.

Mission Statement

To help businesses achieve their objectives by harnessing the power of Information Technology.

Our Core Values

  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Uncompromising adherence to quality
  • Exceptional customer service delivery
  • Progress by symbiotic partnerships


Rao IT Teams consist of vibrant technology enthusiasts with years of experience working for multinational and local companies in execution cutting-edge IT projects and recruitment top performers for continued IT infrastructural management. Our knowledge-driven approach towards proferring solutions to highly demanding IT challenges is our unique selling point and pertinent to our fast-paced growth in the world of Information Technology. The Team is led by Purnayya Rao, a management veteran with over 20 years’ experience, empowering businesses in Asia, Africa, and North America.

Purnayya Rao Mudiganti
Rao Group Inc

Purnayya Rao Mudiganti, known as “Rao”, started his professional career at a very young age from his family-owned business. In the last 20 years, Rao has worked in different industries and in multiple countries, including USA, Seychelles, and India.

Rao has a proven track record in developing and honing management teams for maximizing profitability and efficiency. In the last several years, he has focused primarily in the fields of Strategic Management and IT.

Rao has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from SRTM University, India and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Denver, USA. His professional certifications include:

Rao is professionally affiliated with:

During his spare time, Rao enjoys Researching, Reading, and Public Speaking.

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